No matter when you decide to come to Flight Path, we’ll have something special waiting for you.

Flight Path Weekly Specials

Take a gander. You won't be disappointed!
  • Monday – Camarones a la diabla

    • 12.95

    Green peppers, onions, served with chipolte sauce over rice.

  • Tuesday – Street Tacos

    • 1.50ea

    Choice of pork or chicken served with onion, cilantro and spicy house-made salsa.

  • Wednesday – Wings and Wieners! AND BEER!

    • 5 wings 3.75
    • Hot Link 5

    Wings: $.75 each in groups of 5. Traditional Buffalo, Spicy BBQ, Chipolte, and Garlic Jalapeño.

    Hot Links dogs: Green peppers, onions and cream cheese. Add fries +2.

    Coors Light – 3!

    Manny's – 4!

  • Thursday – Ribeye Steak Dinner

    • 16.95

    A 12oz Ribeye steak cooked to order. Choice of mashed potatoes and gravy or crispy fries, served with mixed vegetables.

  • Friday – House-made Pozole!

    • 12.99

    Chicken and pork, served with lettuce, onion, oregano and warm corn tortillas.

  • Saturday – Chicken Teriyaki

    • Regular 10.99
    • Spicy 11.99

    Regular or spicy, served with rice and salad.